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  • Coat hanger Boogie
    Price:  19,00 €

    Coat hanger Boogie

    Brand: Weinbrecht
    Boogie, coat hanger & hook with easy slide technology Almost a classic accessoir with many awards. Boogie can be slid very easily and gently through the neckline of, for example a pullover or T-Shirt without any stretching or pulling. If t...
  • L&C Stendal Chair Comeback
    Price:  108,00 €

    L&C Stendal Chair Comeback

    Seat and backrest beech in different colours, frame chromed, W 39 D 39 H 78 Sh 45 cm (also available in other versions - please request)....
  • Bonaldo Coat rack Tree
    Price:  276,00 €

    Bonaldo Coat rack Tree

    Brand: Bonaldo
    Coat rack in polyethylene. Round base in steel, colours: red, orange, white, green and anthracite. H 175 Ø 31 cm (also in glossy white or gold - please ask for)....
  • Pocket pen beta,p
    Price:  24,00 €

    Pocket pen beta,p

    Brand: Weinbrecht
    "Writing in metal" The pocket pen with the integrated special metal cartridge Beta, a useful writing instrument which fits in every pocket. Just drill the pen out of the cap and make your notes. beta will last a life time, and can...
  • Stool Bubu
    Price:  58,00 €

    Stool Bubu

    Brand: XO Design
    Plastic in different colours, Ø 32,5 H 43 cm....
  • Kartell Chair Dr. No
    Price:  193,00 €

    Kartell Chair Dr. No

    Brand: Kartell
    Stackable chair inpolypropylene, for in- and outdoor use, legs aluminium grey, W 51,5 D 49 H 79,5 Sh 46,5 cm, available in different colours - please request....
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 664 top sellers)
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