1. Carl Hansen & Son Wegner Chair CH 24 Wishbone Y-Chair

    Designer: Wegner
    Year: 1950
    Price:   716,00 €

Welcome to a world of blue. Hans J. Wegner’s iconic Wish-bone chair is now available in four fantastic new colours, each its own interpretation of cool blue (also available in citrus and energy) Of course, the four work beautifully together. But we think many design lovers might want to choose just one or two in their favorite shade, and mix them with their own Wishbone chairs or other fine furniture. That’s all it takes to give a breath of fresh air to the dining room or kitchen! Which shade of blue are you? Forever young, the Wishbone chair mixes beautifully with old and new, formal and more relaxed. And it’s a natural with other examples of Wegner’s best design, including his Wing chair and his round table in white laminate and stainless steel. Seat naturally, also available in seat white (740,00 €).

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